About Our ATLAS Sessions


The most successful companies in the world know that taking a moment to consider where you are and where you ultimately want to end up is only the BEGINNING.

Mapping out the company’s precise vision-scape for top results, challenging the decisions and habits of the organization, and nailing down a detailed road-map in sequential order for how those results will be achieved is CRITICAL.

The experts at Beachfront Custom Development have a winning record for helping companies of all sizes to leap-frog competitors, reinvent or find their competitive advantage, grow & scale productively, improve company cultures, and increase profits…all through future-forward technology planning & integration.


No matter the length or unique make-up of your ATLAS Session, there will be a defined structural agenda based on proven past performance with companies similar to yours.

• Every stakeholder will participate and their suggestions or feedback noted.

• The ‘Session Lead’ from the BFCD team will actively guide the conversation so as to remain on course and on schedule. In some cases, a scribe will be assigned to record the highlights or the entire session audio or video recorded digitally.


• In order to best understand the goals and tactical operations required to accomplish them, all stakeholders from senior leadership through division managers and subject matter experts are asked to attend.

• BFCD will provide technology and business experts.


Once the session has wrapped and everyone is in agreement on the vision, strategy and plan, BFCD will have a meeting consisting of appropriate experts, both internal and possibly external, to fully flesh-out everything that was decided and begin compiling the Findings Report and Recommendation Document.

• Approximately 10 days after the ATLAS Session, BFCD will present these to the company leadership.

• All data, recordings, findings and documents are property of the client and BFCD will supply them upon request.


Every organization is unique and as such, requires a different plan for the most impactful ATLAS Session, a variety of options may be explored such as location (on-site vs. BFCD offices), length (1/2 day – 2 full days+), types or number of participants, AV equipment, tours of facilities, etc.

The unique configuration of your custom ATLAS Session will determine costs, but average sessions range from $10-25K plus travel fees.

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